Sensing Public Support Waning, UK Fast Tracks Snooper's Charter

from the get-the-damn-thing-through-and-then-spy-on-everyone dept

For some time now, we’ve been covering the UK’s plan — led by Home Secretary Theresa May — to pass a new Snooper’s Charter that would increase surveillance powers greatly in the UK. There’s been a growing amount of criticism of the plan in the UK, so rather than respond to it, May has simply moved to fast track the bill, officially called the Investigatory Powers Bill. The bill will officially be “published” today on March 1, and then will likely be voted on before the end of April.

Of course, this seems like standard operating procedures these days. Two years ago, the UK government did the same thing with its data retention bill. It’s almost as if the UK government would prefer cutting off debate on these issues, and just rushing through much greater surveillance powers for the government.

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Comments on “Sensing Public Support Waning, UK Fast Tracks Snooper's Charter”

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Capt ICE Enforcer says:

Time to Act

Well shit, I vote we give the government more stuff to look at. Everyone should start taking numerous pictures, and videos and attach them to every message we send. I am sure they will love the following items.


1) Dog poop
2) Any baby diaper
3) Private junk area
4) Sunsets
5) Used tires
6) Last nights dinner


1) 8 hours of toilet flushing
2) Paint drying
3) Meme of the Queen
4) 9 hour video of a paper saying watch this video. Remember to add a few random words at a super low volume. Then use air horn immediately following. That always makes them jump.

You get the idea, be creative. That way the more useless junk they have to sift thru the less likely they will get the stuff you really want private. Like photos of your woman.

David says:

Unfair characterization

It’s almost as if the UK government would prefer cutting off debate on these issues, and just rushing through much greater surveillance powers for the government.

That’s like stating “it’s almost as if the school teachers’ association would prefer cutting off the proliferation of the headlice infestation”.

What makes you think they wanted a debate in the first place? Don’t ask, don’t tell is the word.

David says:

Re: Re:

History is not on your side here. Take WWII: nobody actually minded Hitler entertaining death and labor camps, committing genocide, dismantling democracy, suppressing his people, persecuting ethnic and religious minorities. I mean, Stalin was on the side of the winners, and the British Empire had not presented a particularly endearing picture in India either.

It took Hitler to formally declare and rage war against basically everybody and not mind international treaties at all to make people care.

Take a look at how well the Prague Spring went.

Saudi Arabia is considered a stable country because they export more oil than they export Osama bin Ladens. Not because of being non-tyrannical (when a woman walks the street without her male guardian, both may be in for a flogging. Homosexuals are executed. Dancing with shirts off in the street will lead to jail sentences above 10 years, and we are talking about males dancing with shirts off here).

No, the main downfall of tyrannies seems to be when they run out of steam or when they declare war. Other than that, they tend to stick around pretty solidly.

People are just wired to obey. And nobody minds a slippery slope.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

Maybe the leaders of IBM and Ford were happy to get on board, but most of the populations across the planet were unaware of what was transpiring – and had they known about it they would certainly not be happy, much less condoning.

In addition, several nations were actively opposing Germany well before Germany “declared war”.

Anonymous Coward says:

Hell Yeah! I want to see every country adopt strict surveillance and snooping laws and then sit back and watch as civil chaos erupts into a full blown riot throughout the entire globe.

In my opinion, they aren’t doing this to stop terrorists, they are doing this to prevent civilians from rising up and challenging the government and it’s going to backfire in a major way.

Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Public Support??

They had public support? When. Where. Were those supporters hired shills? Were they people who could lose their jobs if they didn’t express support, heartfelt or not?

Now, I am not from the UK so it is entirely possible that some level of support slipped past my notice. Regardless, I call BS.

Wendy Cockcroft (user link) says:

Re: Not just waning support

38 Degrees Manchester and the Pirate Party UK are. We’ve also got the Greens on board as they’ve been subject to intrusive surveillance. I’ve got another article on 38 Degrees Manchester coming out soon — I’m just waiting for approval from the editorial board to publish it.

The same Lords who blocked the last Snoopers’ Charter will help us out again, we just need to get the pressure on and keep it on. Our main talking point is that mass surveillance is ineffective at protecting us from terrorism as it gives the intelligence agencies too much junk to sift through in order to find anything useful.

h/t to TD for giving us all the information we need to put our cammpaign together. All we need now is to get more people on board.

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