DailyDirt: Adulteration Of Foods May Not Be What You Expect

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Some food additives can be dangerous to public health — such as adding melamine to infant formula. So understandably, government agencies policing food safety should focus on health issues related to food additives and food poisioning. But there are perfectly safe food additives that are just aimed at increasing the profits of food distributors, and it looks like Americans might want to research their cheese suppliers a bit more closely.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Adulteration Of Foods May Not Be What You Expect”

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Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Spectrum of Lying

Corporations paid congress for the right to lie, so they do. But they aren’t the only ones who lie. Government does. Law enforcement does. Courts do. The only ones left who aren’t allowed to lie are us, and so help you if you do and are caught, where they will lie to convict you as well.

Oh, and grow your own food, only way to know what IS in it.

Mr Big Content says:

I Only Eat Chemical-Free Food

All this carbon and nitrogen and hydrogen cant be good for you. Carbon monoxide is so poisonous, is dihydrogen monoxide really GAURANTEED safe? Think of how much it hurts the next time you hit your head on an iron bar, do you really want iron in your food? Will does ascorbic acid corrodes your stomach lining? Why take the chance?

art guerrilla (profile) says:

Re: I Only Eat Chemical-Free Food

i get the schtick, but not sure how far you are taking it…
molecular compounds do not necessarily equal ‘chemical’, especially in the sense MOST people use it MOST of the time…
i am pretty sure MOST of us are at least concerned, if not paranoid about WHATEVER food additives/adulterants are used to process ‘our’ foodstuffs…
it is NOT that some chemical admixtures may not be -on balance- beneficial and we would definitely ‘vote’ for them, IF WE KNEW WHAT WE ARE ‘VOTING’ ON ! ! !
BUT, we do NOT trust Big Agra, etc, because they have put profits before honor… they do not DESERVE trust, and the wiser default position would be to discount/distrust EVERYTHING they claim, since it is impractical to impossible to parse out what is true/untrue in their propaganda…
…or you could try breathairianism, and see how far that takes you…

Jay says:

Re: Re: I Only Eat Chemical-Free Food

“molecular compounds do not necessarily equal ‘chemical'”

To the lay person maybe not. But that just shows how much people don’t understand.

You think Mr Big Content is being over the top, and he is, but I’ve had my college students tell me similar things. “I don’t want chemicals in my food or in my body”…apparently my students are on a steady diet of vacuum.

Also, molecular compounds that we ingest frequently…like caffeine? Not a chemical? C’mon…

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