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It’s been a while since Apollo 17. Getting to Mars sounds like a worthy follow-up mission, but just figuring out how to live inside a metal tube for longer than a year outside of low Earth orbit is also a pretty challenging project. NASA hasn’t been very focused on going back to the moon recently, but that could change depending on who becomes the next US president. But in the meantime, here are a few other efforts working on missions to get to the moon.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Can't Get Enough Of The Moon…”

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JoeCool (profile) says:

Re: Mining the moon?

Yes, you are. In fact, outlaw mining on Earth and move it all to other planets/moons/asteroids. Why destroy Earth when we can destroy other lifeless (except maybe bacteria) bodies?

Put all manufacturing that generates toxic byproducts in orbit around the moon and if there’s an accident or deliberate discharge, it’s only the moon that gets splattered in toxic waste, not some poor third world city.

Roger Strong (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Aw c’mon. For those of us outside the US there’s a simpler explanation:

We’re told that the space program was Lyndon Johnson’s way of dragging the American south into the 20th century. Rockets were designed in Huntsville. Manufactured in New Orleans. Add solid rocket booster manufacturing in Utah, the White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico, mission control in Houston, a rocket testing facility in Mississippi, launches in Florida, and other space labs, centers, and manufacturing facilities all over the south.

We’re told that many contractors and sub-contractors like Lockheed and Grumman were involved, almost all in the south.

And then there’s millions more people across the southern US who saw the launches, and the rocket stages being moved cross-country from New Orleans to Florida. How do you convince that many people to take part in a hoax, and not talk decades later?

It’s simple in hind-sight: It’s the southern US that’s the hoax. The engineers and civilian witnesses haven’t talked because they never existed. The space centers never existed. The contractors never existed. The South never existed.

I mean, just look at how the lie is starting to break down, the stories used to cover it up getting more and more crazy! Do you believe ANY news that comes out of Texas or Florida? Do believe ANYTHING claimed by politicians, police or church leaders from the “South?”

When you meet someone from the “South”, they have this strange accent. No, it’s not a “southern” accent. They’re foreigners, brought in as actors.

Now they’re importing them in large numbers to maintain the fiction. Often uneducated people from poor countries so that they’re not even in on the hoax. This is why we keep hearing about waves of illegal immigrants crossing the border in the “South”, but you never hear about the same thing from the northern border.

I’ve never seen the Southern US with my own eyes, so you can’t convince me that it’s real. What we hear from the Southern US is just not believable.

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