Techdirt Podcast Episode 56: The CES Post-Mortem

from the the-view-from-the-floor dept

After a few weeks off for the holidays, we’re back! And as anyone on the internet can’t ignore, CES 2016 has just wrapped up. Our own Mike Masnick was there, and today he’s joined by journalist and long-time CES veteran Rob Pegoraro for a post-mortem of the event and this year’s crop of new products.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 56: The CES Post-Mortem”

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1 Comment
@b says:

Here's why: The IoT and the Internet-enabled rubber ducky

Because the vendor.

It isn’t about the consumer.

They want a cheap duck. They get a cheap duck.

If the duck quacks back to the vendor, then the vendor harvests data, say temperature data, and can make a more appropriate next gen of duck. Say, cheaper rubber coz baby baths ate cooler than the rubber originally thought to be a necessary minimum for reasonable durability.

We live in a world where a usb stick is cheaper than buying a lanyard to hang it around your neck.

We are far beyond Economy 101. Scale is king. Data is just the I part of the oT.

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