Techdirt Podcast Episode 49: A Whirlwind Tour Of Current Policy Issues In Tech

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Today, we’ve got something a little different: a crossover podcast with the folks from a16z. Last week, Mike joined Julie Samuels from Engine on the a16z Podcast hosted by Sonal Chokshi to discuss a long list of important policy issues related to technology and innovation, and for those of you who aren’t already following that podcast, we’re cross-posting the episode here as part of the Techdirt Podcast as well. Enjoy!

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 49: A Whirlwind Tour Of Current Policy Issues In Tech”

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1 Comment
@b (user link) says:


It’s sounds like a real zings when Julie points out that trust is holding today’s internet together. I am isn’t.

We know Google results are stacked. We pooh-pooh wikipedia as amateur hour. We are sure facebook is using us and popular articles doing the rounds are poor journalism or propaganda.

The internet generation absolutely doesn’t trust the YouTubes and GIFs and podcasts and blogs and reality TV and new/old media news that’s occupying every spare moment in our work-life balance.

The truth? Hasn’t very popular lately.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The Running Man” 1989.

We want violence, sports. And we give them what we want. Killian is lying to you. And there is no chance the smart people have figured out how to stop sheep acting like sheep and are turning cyber Law away from a democratic Animal Farm 🙂

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