DailyDirt: Still No Mr. Fusion Generators in 2015…

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Marty McFly visited us in the year 2015 in the Back To The Future franchise… but we still don’t have flying cars or Mr. Fusion generators. There are some pretty cool DeLoreans out there that people have modified, but no “flux capacitor”-level upgrades, unfortunately. Fusion is making some slow progress, though. Check out a few of these baby steps towards a fusion generator. Just another 30 years or so….

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Still No Mr. Fusion Generators in 2015…”

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alternatives() says:

Re: sonofusion peer reviewed work?

The problem for sonofusion is a group of someone’s declared it as not possible and therefore it won’t get $. Not like cold fusion where the US law says “nope” to fed funds going to it and a USPTO position where it is “not patentable”.

Rather than quest for energy from centralized power which is 24×7 on demand why not look to re-jiggering the economy on a solarPV basis where ‘you make hay while the sun shines’?

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