Problem: Male Operators Use Surveillance Cameras For Ogling Women; Mayor's Solution: Employ Only Female Operators

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Lo Barnechea is a commune of Chile located in Santiago Province, with a population of about 75,000. Its Mayor, Felipe Guevara, has decided what Lo Barnechea really needs is a massive surveillance system installed in aerostats tethered over the area, as explained by a post on the Derechos Digitales site (original in Spanish.) It’s not clear from the article why he chose this unusual approach; perhaps it’s because most of his district is mountainous, and that poses problems for conventional surveillance systems. Whatever the reasons, Guevara is smart enough to recognize that powerful mass surveillance systems of the kind he wants to install, which involves cameras able to pick out people from a distance of more than a kilometer away, have a serious problem:

The mayor explains that in a surveillance system implemented in Argentina, the operators started to use the cameras to follow women in the streets.

That might have alerted him to the larger issue here: the fact that there will always be a temptation to abuse such powerful systems. But no, Guevara is undeterred, because he believes he has come up with a way to avoid this issue:

The mayor’s unusual solution: to employ women, because “they are less voyeuristic, more discreet” than men.”

Or maybe they are so discreet, they just get away with it…

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Comments on “Problem: Male Operators Use Surveillance Cameras For Ogling Women; Mayor's Solution: Employ Only Female Operators”

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David says:

Re: Re:

In my experience, the lesbians outside of male-audience porn trigger a whole lot less on primitive visual cues than males (including gays, by the way) do.

But frankly, the main problem with encompassing surveillance are in my opinion not the oglers but rather those connecting dots for their own purposes.

And if you take a look at people interested in backoffice talk and intrigue, that’s more the female half of the populace.

Collecting data causes abuse, period. The kind of abuse may differ depending on the characteristics of the surveillers, but you don’t escape any consequences.

PopeRatzo (profile) says:

I'm OK with this

I think it’s a good idea to use only women in surveillance. They are a lot less creepy than men, and are generally less intrusive. As a lifelong man, I can say that most of my fellow men have a creepy/stalky tendency deep down, and will drill holes to watch fat ladies go to the bathroom.

What’s the last time you heard of a female getting busted for drilling a hole in a bathroom wall in order to snoop?

David says:

Re: Re:

Well, the average man finds 60% of all women ogleworthy, the average woman finds 0.6% of all men ogleworthy.

Judging from the recent numbers of active real users of Ashley Madison, there are about 7000 men who’d enjoy an inconsequential rump with a semi-random woman to every woman who’d reciprocate. Even stipulating that AM had overspecialized on fleecing men, it’s pretty clear that there is a different degree of selectivity at work.

Anonymous Coward says:

“Problem: Male Operators Use Surveillance Cameras For Ogling Women; Mayor’s Solution: Employ Only Female Operators”

Next weeks news

“Problem: Lesbian Operators Use Surveillance Cameras For Ogling Women; Mayor’s Solution: Employ Only Male Operators”

How about, ohhhhh, i dont know……get rid of the bloody system that enables it……or replace the damn thing or method

Too expensive? Not to expensive to waste money on bad decisions though is it……….how about human rights forsight as an educational curiculum……….thats a point, why DONT we have this kind of thing on our education systems, STRONGLY, at that……is it because outside interests have a vested interested in not teaching a thing that would harm their interests perhaps

Edwad Teach says:

Underlying Problem Is Everywhere!

I’ve seen tilt/pan/zoom surveillance cameras track fashionably dressed, pretty young women at malls in the US of A. The same camera did not track dumpy, middle-aged white guys with children, or the children themselves.

The real question is: where can I get a few of the mall cop’s “Best of Miniskirt”, “Best of Cleavage” or “Best of Short shorts” tapes (knowing full well that “tapes” is an anachronistic phrase these days)?

Anonymous Coward says:

This is reminiscent of the issue of men perving around purikura (photo booths) in Japan, because purikura are incredibly popular with teenage girls.

The solution many places apparently have is banning individual men and all-male groups from entering the purikura area at all. Only groups that had at least one female member could use them.

tqk (profile) says:

Re: Re:

This is reminiscent of the issue of men perving around purikura (photo booths) in Japan …

From my western eyes, it appears Japan’s still in the process of getting over the less desirable parts of Samurai culture, and that of being “parented” by the US’ military (MacArthur) post-WWII. Japanese culture, in many ways, is beautiful but the authorities haven’t yet learned to deal with its “peasants” as free individuals yet.

It may take a while. I think they’ll do very well once they hit their stride. It may take a while though. The Germans, already being western and sort of already initiated, have picked up anti-authoritarianism much quicker (and better). The Italians just went back to being Italian. Patience.

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