DailyDirt: Ready Or Not… Back To School

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Schools in the US vary quite a bit by location. A school in one neighborhood could be vastly better than another school just on the other side of town. There are obvious factors that play into this situation, and unsurprisingly, some political campaigns can cloud the progress towards solutions that might improve lagging schools. Clearly, not all schools can be created equal, but there could be some ways to close the “achievement gap” without simply knocking down the higher-performing schools.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Ready Or Not… Back To School”

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Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Cut the crap!

“…but after the school boards voted to effectively begin re-segregation plans, student and teacher performance plummeted.”

Sounds like a whole lot of discrimination going on down there, doesn’t it?

They are children. They need education. What the hell difference does their skin color/ethnicity/national origin make?

The school boards need to be hit with a massive discrimination suit by the DOJ (yeah right) and the teachers fired.

I am disgusted.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Cut the crap!

Teachers have little to do with it and yet you want them fired – for what exactly?

I suggest you look more closely at the school board, the district administration and their political ties. The school board will have to be voted out and the administration subsequently removed. As for those financial backers attempting to destroy education, the options become less clear but their motives are well known.

Jim says:

Re: Re: Re:

All education is, is brainwashing. Education is to appease a “master”. To appease the master, one must do things in a certain order. A rite. The differences are from the master, and every master is different. Just as two peas in a pod are different. Then you have the students, no two are the same, but then you have changing goals every couple of years, that encourage change, so the master has to be re-educated, changing the master focus, and what they now feel are important to teach of a subject, that’s now a political agenda, instead of a process of education, creating a weakening of standards, not looking good,but it can recover.

Anonymous Coward says:

Most of the educational thinking today in my opinion is pure political bullshit.

IMO, the most important determining factor of a schools success is the parents of the kids who attend that school. Its not money, its not technology, its not the teachers, its the parents and the support they give to their kids concerning education.

My kids go to a high school in NJ, we live in a town that receives zero dollars from the state so our facilities kind of suck. The teachers are not impressive (my son’s AP Chemistry teacher told a group of parents at the meet the teacher night the 3rd week of class that he hadn’t handed textbooks for a month because he had not numbered them yet (which means taking a black magic marker and physically numbering the books) and kids are taking Calc classes during the summer at the local community college because the AP Calc teacher blows.

We go to other, low income schools where everything is paid for by the state and their facilities are beautiful.

Yet, our school is ranked much better (although not in athletics.)

Low income usually equates to race, and politicians won’t dance with that, so we have common core, we have technology, we have other things.

Unless you address the real problems (income and race) you can’t solve the problem.

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