DailyDirt: Eating At Chipotle

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Some people really like eating at Chipotle. It’s supposed to be healthy (although it really depends on what you order). The ingredients are often (but not always) from sustainable sources, and customers enjoy their meals. A few really fanatical eaters have devised some bizarre eating games with Chipotle food. Almost every fast food restaurant has a “secret menu” of some kind nowadays, but if you really like Chipotle, here are some extreme eaters who have documented their Chipotle purchases.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Eating At Chipotle”

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Anonymous Coward says:

sponsored content?

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Techdirt has found a new sponsor …

“In recent years news publishers have grappled with an uncomfortable realization: The traditional revenue streams of display advertising and reader subscriptions may not be sufficient to support them in a digital age. Digital display ads command unimpressive rates and engagement, with clickthroughs measured in the tenths of percentage points

Digital subscriptions have recently helped some publishers, but readers remain reluctant to pay in large numbers, and the ultimate future of that model is unclear.

For many of these publishers, growing hopes for a new revenue stream lie in a category known as “sponsored content.” It goes by many other pseudonyms — “native advertising,” “content marketing” — but the basic value proposition in most cases is the same. Publishers work with sponsors to create content that is “native” to the particular platform (in some cases looking very similar to editorial content) and is more engaging than display advertising.


Uriel-238 (profile) says:

Don't get it.

I’ve yet to find the allure of Chipotle, though to be fair, San Francisco is a city of great taquerías.

After the Scarecrow campaign, I looked up how much of Chipotle food was really from organic and free-range sources and found that there were an awful lot of exceptions where they couldn’t find an organic or free-range provider. It seemed Chipotle wasn’t trying as hard as the Scarecrow campaign implied.

The couple of times I’ve eaten there, the food was bland but palatable. It was also expensive for a buritto in San Francisco (which are, in turn, more expensive than burittos in Oakland).

So…. meh.

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