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There have been several proposals for manned missions to Mars. Some proposals include a colony; most don’t. It’s obvious that animals have evolved to live on Earth and not in space, and it will take quite a bit of adjustment to get comfortable in a space colony of any kind — whether it exists on the moon or Mars or just floats around somewhere in between. In any case, if we’re serious about visiting other planets, we’ll need to figure out how to survive the journey (and pay for it). Here are just a few links on the topic of colonizing space, even though no one has a complete plan for how to do so.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Colonizing Space”

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Dirtclustit says:

Can't Think of a Bigger Waste of Money

Then sending people to Mars. The only reason NASA doesn’t claim to go to the Moon anymore is because now days any Joe Public person can easily obtain or already have optics powerful enough to visually observe a landing on the Moon’s surface.

Missions to Mars like the roving hoax is just a distraction, and hoaxes like the “asteroid” that exploded over Russia amounts to acts of extortion in order to get funding. Most of the world have no problem with space exploration, we just want the agency that does it to report back as scientists, and not science fiction aimed at distracting our minds with expensive pipe dreams

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