Daily Deal: Zendure A8 Pro 25600mAh External Battery

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Having a backup battery on hand is never a bad idea. The Zendure A8 Pro 25600mAh External Battery is a compact and durable external battery capable of charging up to 4 of your devices. Each USB port detects your devices and works to tailor its charging to each device. The Zendure also allows you to charge devices while you’re still charging your A8 Pro, so you can make sure everything is topped up before you head out for the day. This one pound battery comes with a micro USB charging cable and a handy little travel pouch to keep everything together. Get yours today for 53% off in the Techdirt Deals Store.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: Zendure A8 Pro 25600mAh External Battery”

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Michael Ho (profile) says:

Re: Re:


I have personally purchased this phone charger and car jumper device — for about $50 on Amazon. (Note: this is an affiliate link for Techdirt, so we receive some cut.)

I’ve used it a few times to jump my car, and it works as I expected — takes less than a minute to connect and jump. And there’s not a whole lot of things that can go wrong — just gotta make sure red is connected to red (and black to black) and that this portable battery has enough charge in it.

If you’re looking around for car jumpers, I’d recommend avoiding the kind that plug into the cigarette lighter. Even though those devices look easier to use, they are limited by the fuse for the lighter outlet, so they take a while (more than a minute) to actually work.

There are other devices with more amps and whatnot, but this thing is a bit cheaper than some others. I’m no car expert or anything, and if you find a better/cheaper device, let me know.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

That’s a good endorsement. It’s funny that battery packs are available that have various features like USB, flashlight, A/C outlets, and 12 volts or 14 volts for starting or charging a car, but none that have anywhere close to all those features in one unit. And oddlly enough those portable car-starting batteries that have been around for many years were always the wrong shape for fitting in a car’s glove box, as if no one ever thought that anyone might ever want to keep one there.

BTW, You can’t jump start a car by connecting through the cigarette lighter socket because that circuit can’t handle anywhere near the amps required to turn the engine. Maybe for charging the battery, but certainly not jumping a dead one.

If this site has an affiliate account with Amazon.com, any links are well hidden. How about making it more prominent? I’m sure many of us would rather support Techdirt by shopping at Amazon than by swallowing these spoonfed “daily deals” when there are often much better choices available at Amazon, as well as wider delivery.

Michael Ho (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Anon #2,

Techdirt has an affiliate account with Amazon… but we currently only use the links for the Techdirt Reading List. You should be able to see that reading list as a widget on the right hand column of our website. so look this way –>

I suppose we could add another widget/list for Amazon stuff beyond books… but how should we curate the products that might go into that?

Anonymous Coward says:

Costco was selling a device that can do that. It weighs about 20 LBs but it could charge a USB devices, Jump a car up to 4 times, had a light, and air pump for around $90. The battery last about a year so you could leave it in your trunk for long periods of times. I pulled my out after 4 months and it still said fully charged when I plugged it in to charge it.

Mark Wing (user link) says:

The reason you see so many of these power banks being pushed on so many web sites is because they have a huge profit margin. A big part of that is that for the most part, these power banks are lucky to have half the capacity they advertise, and those are the legit ones. Cheaper powerbanks can sport 1/4 or 1/5 stated capacity by using super cheap batteries internally, which by the way have many less charge cycles before they crap out.

It’s rare for professional reviewers to even call them on it, and the ones like me who do, never get a second power bank from the same company. Oops.

So yeah, power banks are part of a surreal world where nobody gets anything near what they pay for and nobody complains.

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