DailyDirt: Joe Life Versus The Volcano

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Volcanoes are not exactly predictable, so the best way to avoid getting killed by one is probably to just live far, far away. But Nature doesn’t worry about death and destruction, so all kinds of life seems to thrive around active volcanoes, even where no one would expect life to be able to survive at all.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Joe Life Versus The Volcano”

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1 Comment
jim says:

Pesky volcanos

It’s amazing, the more we learn, the more we forget history. Jaucque costeau? Didn’t these idiots just rediscover national geographic, jack made tv specials about the new sport of aqualuning. Filming volcano’s, smokers, sharks, and in the exotic places of the world, from the attic to the Antarctic, loved his stuff, best underwater films ever produced. And that a lot good filmwork. These kids must probably never heard of the french, America!

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