DailyDirt: It's 11:57pm… Do You Know Where Your Nuclear Bombs Are?

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The Doomsday Clock says it’s 3 minutes to midnight — the same time it was in 1949. Sure, plenty of people are saying we’re not building new nuclear bombs, and we have some pieces of paper that say some countries (ahem, Iran) aren’t going to build new nukes. But… tick tock. Are we really any safer from nuclear self-annihilation?

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Comments on “DailyDirt: It's 11:57pm… Do You Know Where Your Nuclear Bombs Are?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The number of "weapons"...

Are we talking about the actual warhead or just the launcher?

A lot of folks don’t realize that the SALT/START treaties of the 70’s & 80’s only reduced the number of launchers, not the warheads. So the US and (the then) USSR destroyed a number of rockets, bombers, and submarines. While that’s OK, the warheads that were deployed on said rockets, bombers, and submarines still existed and were placed in bunkers and munitions depots in various places. Hopefully like regular munitions the triggering devices were stored elsewhere.

Rockets, bombers, and submarines can be used for other missions that do not involve nuclear weapons. At least one Minuteman squadron has satellite packages, not warheads. But a nuclear warhead can only be used for it’s designed mission. How many warheads are enough? We could debate that question endlessly. Like other issues in the present day the public got mis-lead with SALT/START into thinking that the world would be safer with fewer ‘weapons’. That would be a great sentiment had they destroyed actual weapons instead of only the launcher.

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