Daily Deal: Pay What You Want Game Design Course Bundle

from the good-deals-on-cool-stuff dept

Today, we’re highlighting the pay what you want for the Game Design Course Bundle. If you beat the average price, you will get access to all four courses in the bundle and over 114 hours of instruction. You can learn to draw and animate immersive worlds and see how addictive you can make your game with courses on gamification. As a bonus, 10% of the profits from purchases will be donated to Creative Commons.

Also for a limited time, Humble Bundle is offering a Game Making Bundle on their site. While this bundle has nothing to do with our store and we don’t receive any money for promoting it, it seemed like getting both bundles could be really beneficial for someone trying to get started in game design.

Note: We earn a portion of all sales from Techdirt Deals. The products featured do not reflect endorsements by our editorial team.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: Pay What You Want Game Design Course Bundle”

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pegr (profile) says:

I had a truly awful experience

Content was there one day, gone the next. Courses were incomplete, promising to be complete “real soon now”. Low quality content. And customer service that was mind-bendingly bad. Adjustments promised and never delivered. Emails going unanswered for days or weeks (or ever). Gretchen was wonderful. Everybody else sucked and sucked hard.

I will never buy educational content from Techdirt ever again.

Michał Kiciński (user link) says:

Great to see the Pay What You Want model growing!

When I created my ‘read first, then pay what you feel it was worth’ ebookstore http://www.OpenBooks.com, I wanted to ensure that no person was excluded from reading and enjoying books simply because of financial limitations.

Unfortunately, many people are skeptical of this model. “if there’s a possibility to pay or not to pay, the choice is simple”, many have said to me. But look, people freely pay more for fair trade coffee or the products certified to be pain-free for animals. They just want to be sure no one suffers because of their choices. People voluntarily use charity surcharges in online shops, seen and gratified by no one, just to make someone’s life better.

This model can work and it’s great to see a similar approach being adopted in the field of training and career development too.

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