Techdirt Podcast Episode 33: Reddit And The Challenges Of Building A Business Out Of A Community

from the downvote-of-confidence dept

Reddit is a prime example of the explosive growth of online communities — and recently it’s become a prime test case for the huge challenges such growth brings, especially for those who are trying to use it as the foundation for a successful company. This week we discuss some of those challenges that sit at the intersection of community and business, both in terms of popular examples like Reddit and personal experiences as both members and builders of online communities.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 33: Reddit And The Challenges Of Building A Business Out Of A Community”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Eventual Outcome...

For every site that tries to control speech.

I used to hang around the religion subreddits, but I was constantly told my religious views were unwelcome there. At the end of the day it was only proof that the community is like every other community. Freedom and Liberty for me, but not for thee. At least here a Techdirt people can still get a word out without being banned left and right, even if their thoughts and ideas are stupid.

At reddit you are not even allowed to disagree with the hive mind without enraging the nutters and possible being banned or shadowbanned. Reddit will eventually piss everyone off so its demise will be assured by its own hand.

The moment you decide that someone cannot say something because you think it is offensive is the moment you have become nothing more than a whiny bigoted hypocrite.

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