Daily Deal: Free Bitdefender Total Security: 6 Months Subscription

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It’s time for another freebie deal from the Techdirt Deals store. We’re featuring a 6-month subscription license for up to 3 computers for Bitdefender Total Security. Bitdefender combines anti-malware, online purchase protection, parental controls, file encryption, PC tune-ups and more in one package. It even includes anti-theft features to allow you to lock or wipe your lost device. To get the freebie, sign in to your store account, sign up for the newsletter, share the deal on Facebook or Twitter, and then you’ll get your code for the deal.

Note: We earn a portion of all sales from Techdirt Deals. The products featured do not reflect endorsements by our editorial team.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: Free Bitdefender Total Security: 6 Months Subscription”

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JOIN US (user link) says:

the elephant-in-the-room OS!?

Who the F would use Winblows?? (Actually I had the misfortune to hear “Kim Komando” the other day tell me that the NAVY does.. puke! Not like DARPA invented rock-solid UNIX 50 years ago or anything..)
I mean, come on: this blurb is so lame it doesn’t even tell you what PoS OS it’s targeting. Truly disturbing.

garryk (profile) says:

Re: the elephant-in-the-room OS!?

Yah, the only people who use Windows are the 80% of the professional workers in this world. There are always a few people who use fringe products like Unix and the various Apple OS. Of course there are those who claim that is because of the Lemming principal, but that’s how come Apple is so successful. To ignore Windows is like saying that all the huge corporations who hire bright intelligent people to analyze what is the best products to use, are stupid.

Anonymous Coward says:

I literally used Bitdefender as the punchline to a joke about an inept computer user trying to stop hacks/malware, just the other day. -with a response of “can’t stop laughing” from a group of comsec experts… Bitdefender is widely known to be a crap product with gov backdoors. Shilling this makes TD look bad.

Contrary to #4, I have to hand it to TD, that most of their sponsored stuff has been decent, or at least without glaring defects, (this and some dreadful VPN’s being an exception). Though I wish you’d just stick to selling T-shirts and donations/subscriptions, IMO this is a marginally acceptable middle ground for us noscripting ad-blocking folks. You’re still showing me adds, when you know I’ve taken deliberate steps to avoid them… and that does negatively effect my opinion of TD. but whatever. it’s your site/business and at least your not being too obnoxious about it so far.

I do wish the ads was personalised to the TD philosophy- the few bad apples spoil the bunch, in terms of feeling I can trust anything that’s sponsored, It’s clear no one with technical background is vetting the stuff, and that taints the whole process. Products specifically endorsed by TD writers would be far more appealing and add real value. That would feel cohesive and synergistic in terms of the over all business- whereas this feels corporate, tacked on, and value detracting.

garryk (profile) says:


This poster’s loud comments show his ignorance. Bitdefender has rated very highly with most of the testing labs, unlike some products like Avast (which many so called in the know techies will rave about). Those that say they don’t use any antiviris remind me of a friend who always drove his car at very high speeds. He told me he could drive better than most people could at half the speed. He’s dead now, died in a car wreck.

AC #5 says:

glorious satire!

Fringe products like Unix- HAHAHAHHAA! Fringe, what with it’s 98% server market share! Comedy gold right there! I guess you don’t consider network/server admin’s and infrastructure owners “professionals”… -surely this is genius satire. Maybe you’re smarter then those comsec guys I was joking with… One of whom just found a bug and wrote an upstream patch for openssl- but that’s something ignorant people do all the time though, right? -and it says nothing about his sense of humour.

I was reviewing the HT leak last night- The leak makes clear that nearly all AV’s are easily bypassed by modern malware. There’s directories for nearly (if not?) every AV in existence in the data dump. There’s one specifically for Bitdefender- so you can look it up yourself if you want… That’s a much more accurate depiction of it’s effectiveness (rather lack there of) then you’ll get from any ‘testing lab’.

Clam AV also has a folder, looks like it put up a much better fight then most… still mostly pwned though. Simple designs tend to hold up well- true for most things- like Unix for example, or it’s nearly ubiquitous (in commercial server use) derivative Linux.

80% windows!? I can’t tell if that’s more satire… If you ignore all infrastructure and more then half of all use cases (servers, routers, embedded devices, phones, tablets) and your speaking “only” of desktop use then I guess that’s not too far off. That seams like twisted logic at best though.

This page your reading now, came to you via “at least” three Unix based servers/routers- so just FYI, you use Unix every day, even if you don’t realise it. Unix runs 98.3% of all servers, and most embedded devices (such as your modem): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems

I’ve run Clam AV on linux for years- never had anything but false positives. So yea, I’d say AV IS unnecessary, unless you need to polish the turd that is windows.. The only effect AV has had for me is having to spend time chasing down info on false positives. If you use a secure sensible OS, ie-linux/freebsd, you don’t need AV. The BSD based OSX ‘macintosh’ computers are also much better then windows in this area, however, their popularity means they’re targeted far far more then linux- so AV would be advisable- even though it’s only going to catch the unsophisticated bottom of the barrel malware. -that’s all AV can ever do, on any system. Industry insider experts have admitted as much, so the HT leaks relevant to this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Anonymous Coward says:

Wish I had something nice to say

I purchased something through “techdirt deals” was charged for it, sent a completely different item that listed for much less money, and have been unable to return it, get the correct item, or even get the company to respond.

Talk about lowering my opinion of Tech Dirt.

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