DailyDirt: Mysterious Transmissions From Unknown Origins

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The infamous Wow signal that might have been an extraterrestrial message from aliens from 1977… still hasn’t been completely explained. There are actually many mysterious and invisible messages flying around everywhere. Some people have tracked down the origins of a few of these signals, and the answers are probably not as exciting or dramatic as some might have hoped for. Maybe we just haven’t been listening long enough….

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Mysterious Transmissions From Unknown Origins”

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Jake says:

I always thought the likeliest explanation for UVB-76 is that it’s part of Russia’s civil-defence system. If it suddenly goes off the air and nobody sends a valid false-alarm codeword within n hours, the Russian military and emergency services probably have standing orders to implement contingency plants for a state of war or national emergency.

Is it connected to Perimetr, aka the infamous “Dead Hand” fail-deadly system for nuclear launch authority? Probably not directly, but I would be surprised if the Strategic Rocket Forces weren’t one of the organisations with orders to go to wartime alert status if the Buzzer goes silent and stays that way.

Anonymous Coward says:

The third part just adds more weight to the theory that microwaves are effin dangerous. The USSR didn’t ban them in 1976 for nothing, and it’s not like they were losing profits if they did so, the government and people working for the government (everyone) were not in it for profit obviously. If you research it, I assure you all that you will find that the USSR banned microwave ovens as they are basically slowly poisoning us, even your 4th neighbor to north northwest of your house’s microwave is affecting you when it is turned on. Of course, shortly after the USSR dissolved, microwave ovens were allowed back in 1993.

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