DailyDirt: Brain-Controlled Robots… And Vice Versa?

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The general population might not be ready for brain implants for mind-controlled robots, but research on brain interfaces could eliminate the invasive surgery requirements for interacting directly with brain activity — and then everyone might be able to test drive their own thought-controlled robots. Becoming a cyborg might not appeal to everyone, but remote controlled robots that are easy to operate might be a cool toy.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Brain-Controlled Robots… And Vice Versa?”

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Stephen says:

Scary Stuff

A startup called Thync is working on a wearable device that could control your mood using electronic signals to cranial nerves.

Sounds chillingly Orwellian. Dick Cheney’s torturers would have loved to have access to such a device to instil fear and terror into their victims.

And places like North Korea would doubtless have uses for it too.

TotteringTim (user link) says:

A less skeptical view

I’m not such a huge fan of machines controlling the mind (as in Thync which was mentioned in the article). But I do think there is some value in other biofeedback devices – not only for prosthesis control. For instance biofeedback can accelerate and enhance the benefits of ‘mindfulness meditation’.
I don’t know about the blood pressure monitors like Heartmath but consumer grade EEG’s are coming along quickly. There is the Muse, Neurosky (dirt cheap), and Emotiv which has advanced capabilities (see the TED talk by the CEO).

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