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Artificial intelligence is getting better and better. Computers can beat humans at all kinds of games without breaking a sweat. To stay ahead of the machines, we keep moving the goalposts on what qualifies as “strong AI” by coming up with more and more tests that computers can’t quite pass. If you think software will never be able to write poetry as well as Shakespeare, perhaps you’ll have to modify your test in a few years.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Computers Creating Content…”

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Olpattycakes says:

Can you patent / copyright AI created content?

Can you copyright or patent AI created content?

You can’t copyright a picture if a monkey takes it….or his uncle for that matter.

How does this apply to AI?

What if you wrote AI software and it would eventually decide when and of what to take pictures of, could those pictures be copyrighted, by a company…. A human…. Or the AI itself

Gwiz says:

I've long pondered whether The Masnick isn't Artificial Stupidity.

Surely no rational adult human could write an article with childishly wrong assertion that purchasing a DVD means that you own “the movie”, or the “content”:

But there it is! Since 1997, The Masnick can’t break ideological programming even while claiming to support copyright. It’s doing same thing over and over.

Anonymous Coward says:

Can’t wait for robot politicians.

So, if we built a bunch of robots (with no knowledge of their creator’s history or ethics) and locked them away with each other for a few years, what would we find when we opened the door? Democrats, republicans, socialists, communists, fascists, a parliamentary democracy, a dictatorship, or a bunch of dead robots ripped to shreds by each other ?

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