Daily Deal: M535 Wireless Optical Mouse

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The proper desk set up can help you avoid injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Part of a good ergonomic set up is an adjustable mouse like the M535 Wireless Optical Mouse available in the store for 50% off. Gamers and desk jockeys will like that you can adjust the mouse’s size to fit your hand and you can assign functions to seven different buttons to create shortcuts for common tasks. It comes with a button to send your cursor back to the center of the screen and customization is simple with the easy to use control panel. The mouse is compatible with Windows only and ships free to the continental US.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: M535 Wireless Optical Mouse”

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Anonymous Coward says:

$29.99 on the manufacturer’s website and $39.99 on Amazon, so not really 50% off.

Does Techdirt even vet these “deals”? I understand t not being able to vet the product but surely confirmation of the actual sale price can be done… This is a typical “mark it up 75% and put a 25% off sticker on it” scheme.

Anonymous Coward says:

While I dont’t mind wireless keyboards (they tend to last at least six months, sometimes up to a year before replacing the battery) my experience with wireless mice is that I always have to change the batteries and they always die at the worst possible time leaving me scrambling to find replacements. I used to use wireless keyboards and mice but after having to deal with the issue of having to look everywhere for batteries too many times I now stick with wired.

Rekrul says:

Gamers and desk jockeys will like that you can adjust the mouse’s size to fit your hand

You can adjust the width, but not the length. It’s still really short compared to older mice. And frankly, I hate the concave sides.

When was it decided that everyone’s mouse hand was only about 3 inches long? Are these mice designed for a 5-year old? It’s like they’re all competing to see who can make the smallest mouse.

I could use a new mouse, but I’m not going to spend $30 for something that could fit entirely inside the case of my present mouse.

I’m starting to think I might have to do that though. Buy a decent wireless mouse, take out the guts and mount them in an older mouse case.

Rekrul says:

Just yesterday, my friend and I were out scavenging the bulk trash in our town and I grabbed a garbage bag that seemed to have a lot of little, interesting things in it. When we got home and sorted out all the junk I found a R.A.T. gaming mouse in the bottom of the bag! I haven’t tried it yet (I was tired last night), but I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Note: When I say I took a trash bag full of “junk”, I mean things like old papers, empty plastic packages, little toys, etc. It’s not like I dig through bags full of wet, slimy household garbage. Although people do put such stuff out for bulk trash, usually 90% of what they put out is just old stuff that’s been in boxes in their attic or basement. We don’t take anything that would make the average person go “Ewww.” Just wanted to make that clear. 🙂

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