Techdirt Podcast Episode 24: EFF's Parker Higgins On Common Copyright Misconceptions

from the clarifications-and-corrections dept

Copyright is one of the most important fields of law in the digital age, and also one of the most widely misunderstood. The EFF’s Parker Higgins joins us to discuss to most common misconceptions about how copyright works, and how it’s been abused.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 24: EFF's Parker Higgins On Common Copyright Misconceptions”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Copyright Reform

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the audio yet, but I think we need some copyright reform.

It’s no longer a limited period of time when it extends beyond the lifespan of 100% of the population.

So…you can have your life of the author + 70 years (I think it should really *NEVER* exceed 70 years) but the copyright will be issued in 14-year increments which are not automatically renewed.

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