Daily Deal: Blur Premium Privacy Protection

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Protecting your personal information can seem like a daunting task. Who can you trust online or in the real world? One way to keep your information safe could be to use Blur Premium Privacy Protection which is on sale at 74% off of a lifetime subscription. Blur allows you to create temporary, masked email addresses, credit card numbers, and phone numbers — so you can reveal your information only to those you truly trust. The lifetime subscription also includes a password manager you can use on mobile and desktop devices. They use AES-256 encryption and host-proof hosting for the encryption keys. Blur is compatible across a broad range of browsers, Android and iOS devices and Windows and Mac computers.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: Blur Premium Privacy Protection”

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Aggressive Butterfly says:

I purchased a 2 year subscription to Blur, primarily for the credt-card masking service. My goal was to make purchases using the name of a prior resident of my address in order to keep the fact that I am the current resident out of all the databases from the likes Blue Kai.

Unfortuntately it doesn’t work so well with paypal. Abine does not advertise the fact, but after trying (and failing) ~10 times to make a ~$20 purchase through ebay & paypal, I filed a bug report and they told me it is a common problem to have paypal reject their ‘masked credit card’ numbers (which are essentially just pre-paid debit cards).

So, caveat emptor!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: So, caveat emptor!

It’s also possible that Paypal is blacklisting certain card numbers (or ranges), which may have been previously used/abused many different times by many different people. (VPN users can encounter this kind of problem, having their IP addresses banned on some sites due to the actions of previous users)

If this company is either recycling well-worn credit card numbers or trying to pass off debit cards as credit cards, then that’s certainly a major problem.

Although they might look identical, some people may not know that there is a huge difference between credit cards and debit cards regarding what they will buy. Most debit-card users should be well aware that many merchants (both online and brick-and-mortar) that take credit cards for payment refuse debit cards, (especially the anonymous store-bought kind) and there have been reports of companies charging additional fees for debit card use.

Although most “lifetime” subscriptions generally only last a short time, this looks like a service where the cost to the company of keeping additional “lifetime” users onboard is going to be small to miniscule, assuming it’s just sharing the same pool of numbers. So this “lifetime” promise is not automatically a cut-and-run scam, as would be expected for any service that costs the company considerable money to keep providing to the customer year after year for no additional payment.

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