DailyDirt: Braiiins… And Brain Implants

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Cyborgs are already walking among us — if you count people who have advanced pacemakers and other implanted devices (eg. insulin pumps, cochlear implants, etc). There are also a handful of folks who are actively trying to become cyborgs, like Kevin Warwick. However, brain implants still need to be a lot less invasive and traumatic if anyone is going to really get a direct, permanent brain interface. Here are just a few links on neuro-interfaces that are making some progress.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Braiiins… And Brain Implants”

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Rekrul says:

Re: Re:

Better hope we don’t go down the route of DX:HR with backdoored neural chips.

Rest assured that all future implants will be WiFi enabled (or whatever the equivalent is when the implants are perfected), since it’s apparently against the law now to create any electronic device that doesn’t connect to the net.

Diannea says:

implanted/stalekd with harssment called offender ilegally!

I over heard a unknown person talking and we never saw them again not even sure what they looked like they were behind a walled area in a dinner place!!… said he and his family and friends hired a orthopedic/ dental doctor friend and for years tracked a person they are peeved with… knowing his or hers dental visits and knew they had a cap replacement at the dental offices to be done,so he paid his orthopedic/dental doctor friend to implant that hated person with a stalker harassment implant then as a a offender under fraud crime activity and then said he/she was a real (But really Not!)offender when the one hated was never arrested and now they know that persons every move through their phone and computer, because it is a illegal tracking spy/audi phone or cell phone military implant and illegally had it put in that person for revenge and to control whom that person for the rest of their life without cops even knowing…is and they laugh all day long about this.. and he should be able to hear him talk also and cops can’t do anything about this and they find it funny and even let them know they know and taunt them daily!, They got it from a or under the face area chin or behind the ears…… he will eventually go crazy trying to figure out the voices he is hearing plus maybe even get into an accident and they don’t care if it causes others to be hurt also….from the unwelcomed satiation and calling it a unknown circumstance! Over in the lower part of Central Wisconsin area! We were frightened about this talk!OMG!

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