DailyDirt: The Promises Of Graphene

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Materials made of carbon are amazingly useful. We’ve pointed out various cool things that graphene can do before, but the list really seems to go on and on (even though there are less than a handful of products on the market that actually incorporate graphene). Still, graphene could improve a lot of things, and material science often takes decades to really establish a market for a specific material. Check out these links… and maybe in 30 years or so, we’ll finally get to see some of these things.

After you’ve finished checking out those links, take a look at our Daily Deals for cool gadgets and other awesome stuff.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: The Promises Of Graphene”

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jilocasin says:

Two sentences that sum up what's wrong with patents.

Does anyone else see the inditetment of the current patent system revealing in these two sentences that immetiatey follow each other in the original article?

“The material was discovered in 2004 from super thin layers of graphite, and now there are thousands of graphene-related patents.

“However, it may still be a while, before widespread commercial applications are a reality.”

It looks like, either they are holding progress back, or at best will have expired long before there are any applications and therefore can’t realistically serve as an incentive to anyone (excepting of course the lawyers).

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: Re:

There are several. The very first was in a special ink that allows EAS (that established anti-shoplifting tech that requires you to walk between sensors on your way out) to be implemented in the printing on a products packaging rather than requiring a tag to be attached.

There are also graphene-based tennis rackets, skis, bicycle wheels, helmets, and other sporting equipment. It’s also being used in electronic thermal paste.

There’s more, but you get the idea.

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