Once Again, John Oliver Covers A Techdirt Topic: This Time, It's Patent Trolls

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Yes, it’s become something of a cliche to post John Oliver’s weekly videos, but he keeps doing ones that feel like they’re ripped straight from Techdirt’s headlines that we just can’t help ourselves (also, if the team over there working for Oliver wants some help — let us know!). This time, he took on patent trolling and the need for patent reform in the US:

To be honest, if you regularly read our patent coverage there’s very little in there that you won’t already know — though our coverage doesn’t (generally) involve a dorky dancing guy who will draw you a cat, though if we get enough requests, perhaps we could add that to one of the Tims’ job responsibilities. Still, it’s nice to see more mainstream attention on patent trolls and the need for patent reform. The latest move for patent reform really kicked off in earnest when the issue got attention via a wonderful episode of This American Life. Perhaps John Oliver can help keep the momentum going so we can at least get something through Congress this year. It won’t be enough, but it will help.

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Comments on “Once Again, John Oliver Covers A Techdirt Topic: This Time, It's Patent Trolls”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

Missing the best part

While it’s nice he covered the topic in his usual ‘funny, but seriously, this is a problem’ method, and nice that he mentioned how much copyright trolls seem to love filing in east texas, I’m disappointed that they missed out on the funniest part of that, where patent trolls will rent ‘office space’ in the area, sometimes sharing the exact same address with many other trolls, in order to give themselves standing to file the case in Texas.

Seriously, dozens of patent trolls crammed into a room the size of a closet furiously waving extortion letters? That joke practically writes itself, pity they missed it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Isn't it wierd?

A “comedy” show saying what is a real problem? If I remember correctly the last time jesters wereing able to speak the truth was in the dark ages.

Does the USA really want to be known to be a dark age nation? You got so far with gay marriage and legalizing weed just to fall back to that? C’mon, you can do better! Let news be real news and not just some bought point of view.

It just feels wierd to me that you hear that kind of story from a comedian.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Isn't it wierd?

Sure they did but in a country or world of freedom (depending of your point of view of US influence cough 100+ countries with US military stations cough) Shouldn’t non comedian news be able to speak “hard truths”? Or at least feel the need to report (that is their job after all) the truth? But even in the “mother” land they don’t. How can any slave… sorry… trade partner with a USA military presence in it, be able to tell the truth?

If they don’t/can’t do it then in my opinion they are nothing but a wheel in the “whatever you’d like to call it” gov.

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