DailyDirt: AI Image Recognition Is Still A Bit Buggy

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As artificial intelligence gets more and more advanced, the differences between how computers recognize patterns and how humans do may become harder and harder to discern. However, it’s obvious there are differences — which might matter significantly if we’re going to put these image recognition algorithms in control of autonomous cars or military threat detection systems. Check out a few of these image processing algorithms.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: AI Image Recognition Is Still A Bit Buggy”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Ha ha ha...

You can fool most of the people most of the time actually. Politics is very much proof of that.

However, resolving the problems with AI will not be easy. At best we would probably have to start every AI off at the level of a childish mind, kinda like humans are at birth. This would allow an AI to develop itself and learn what things mean. The problem with this will be the same as with humans. It opens the possibility that the AI will decide to hate humans as part of its learning. The only thing that might save us is a rule like Asimov’s laws for example. However, if it is truly an AI, its ability to learn and undo any safeguards we place in it, will quickly grow beyond our abilities to manage.

nasch (profile) says:


SparkleVision is an image reconstruction algorithm that can unscramble images from some kinds of distorted reflections.

This is not at all like enhancing a grainy smudge of a reflection into a crystal clear photo like you see in the movies, though it is pretty cool. SparkleVision has all the information it needs, and assembles it into an image. In the Hollywood version, they’re coming up with information that isn’t even in the original image.

And for your amusement: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img705/4124/zoomcsiinvestigation.jpg

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