Awesome Stuff: CES Edition

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We’re back again with another awesome stuff of interesting crowdfunding projects (it took a little vacation during the holidays). Since this past week was CES, the giant trade show that takes over Las Vegas and is full of new and interesting gadgets and technology, we figured we’d highlight three new projects that all launched this week at CES.

3Doodler 2.0

If you regularly follow hot Kickstarter projects, you’re probably aware of the original 3Doodler, a handheld 3D printing pen. Well, the same folks are back with the 3Doodler 2.0 and it looks awesome. Much smaller and compact, it just looks like a much more advanced product than the original. While the original looked more like a prototype (though it seems to have worked just fine), this one looks more like a real product.
I’ve seen other attempts at this kind of thing before, but LyteShot is a “sensor-based mobile gaming platform.” An easy way to think of it might be as laser-tag for the smartphone generation. It includes a devices that sends out a beam and a puck device that catches it — not unlike the old laser tag. But of course, this is a bit more advanced and connects to your phones and lets you make all different kind of games around it, such as a version of Assassin, which is the initial game being released. So far, other attempts to do this kind of thing haven’t really caught on (and this project hasn’t yet set the world on fire), but it’s interesting to see how people are thinking through new ways to do mobile gaming.
Vikaura Screen
The Vikaura is an e-ink screen that lets you share information from your phone to a specific screen. There are a number of potential use-cases described, but it’s basically an inexpensive low-power, wireless black & white, screen that can be used in a variety of different ways. The main example used is for pushing images, but that seems like a weak use case, given that it’s just an e-ink screen. But other things like an information display, to-do-list, simple way to push certain messages to certain people, seem like they could be more compelling.

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