Catch Up On The Techdirt Podcast Before It Returns In January

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If you haven’t heard all the episodes of the recently-launched Techdirt Podcast, now’s the time to catch up. You can listen to all five episodes below, visit us on Soundcloud, subscribe via iTunes, or grab the RSS feed.

If you’re new to the podcast and wondering where to start, here’s a brief episode guide:

  1. Can You Increase Privacy By Increasing Surveillance? — A discussion about a seemingly paradoxical, but potentially effective, solution to privacy problems: more surveillance.
  2. Privacy And User Control, With Brad Burnham — Mike Masnick interviews Brad Burnham of Union Square Ventures on an overlapping approach to prviacy: a focus on user control.
  3. Amanda Palmer And The Art Of Asking — Amanda Palmer, the musician who’s always making waves with both her artistic and business experiments, drops by to discuss her new book.
  4. In Defense Of Advertising — File this one under “unpopular opinions.” This episode makes the case that advertising can be a good thing that benefits everyone, if it’s done right.
  5. The Internet From Space! — A look at the potential for (and the potential consequences of) broadband access delivered by satellites, balloons, offshore platforms and other hard-to-control networks.

The Techdirt Podcast will return in January with a discussion about technology education and coding in schools.

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