DailyDirt: Getting A Beer

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Everyone talks about beer at some point, even if they don’t drink it or like it. It’s a beverage that might have shaped civilization (by providing a source of reliable safe drinking water along with other benefits), and it’s a drink that is served all over the world. Here are just a few more links on beer in case you needed more chit-chat topics at the bar.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Getting A Beer”

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Anonymous Coward says:

“It’s a beverage that might have shaped civilization by providing a source of reliable safe drinking water”

How so? With an alcohol content typically of about 5%, beer still needs to be pasteurized to kill the germs that might make the water unsafe to drink. (Unless this civilization shaping beer was somehow around 15% or more alcohol, which would indeed provide antiseptic properties.) Of course, just boiling the water (without making beer with it first) would have the same effect if the primary goal was to have something safe to drink.

Adding to the not-enough-alcohol-to-kill-germs problem is that the nutrients in beer will cause it to decompose and rot fairly quickly (beware of those ‘lily pads’ of mold you’ll find floating on top of old beer that’s been left out too long) so drinking old beer may be worse health-wise than drinking old water.

jim says:


Never read some of the commentaries on ancient reciepes? For beers or cooking of foods? Beer used to be a stronger concoction then. The alcohol content, the fermentation and everyday ussages of beers, wines and meads were notable because of the “poorness” of the quantity and the flavors of waters. What hunter gather would survive without those flavors? Few. Even worse yet, homesteads with crop growing attracting animals to their lands, would decrease the chance of finding potable waters for refreshment. Therefore the rising of yeasts, vinigars and the need for sanitation.

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