DC Comics Going After A Spanish Soccer Club With A Bat In Its Logo For Some Reason

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When it comes to being IP bullies, DC Comics has built quite the reputation for itself. From its taking on the gravestone of a victim of child abuse in the name of protectionism to taking on BBQ joints because of a logo that includes a bat. That last historical example foreshadows this latest news, in which DC Comics decides to take on a Spanish soccer team for having the audacity to include a bat in its logo.

According to a report from Yahoo Eurosport, DC Comics is suing the Spanish soccer team Liga Giants Valencia over their logo, which apparently resembles Batman’s logo in that it also features a bat. Unfortunately, according to European reports, the bat has been a symbol used in Spain for about 800 years. There’s even a fucking Wikipedia page about it. And the soccer team’s bat logo has been in use since 1919, before Batman was first published.

Here’s the logo in dispute.

Do the two logos have similarities? Sure, but that says a great deal more about the general indistinctness of DC Comics’ mark than it does about any sort of malicious copying by the Valencia club. Add to that the fact that, even working with such a general shape and color scheme, there are distinct differences between these two marks and the many, many other Batman marks that have been registered in the past, and one wonders what DC Comics was thinking yet again with another silly trademark dispute. After all, were you to review every Batman logo that’s been registered as a trademark, a means for customers to identify a particular brand, you have to wonder if there hasn’t been a real attempt to simply trademark every possible iteration of a bat as a logo. And that makes me wonder why such a practice doesn’t invalidate the trademark altogether.

All this and we haven’t even mentioned yet that I’m fairly certain that DC Comics doesn’t own a soccer club anywhere, so I’m not even remotely clear on how these two logos are competing in the same marketplace with the potential to confuse the same potential consumers. Add to that the long-established use of a bat as a logo in the Valencia region and this looks like a losing proposition for DC Comics.

Probably, DC thought this dumbassery would fly under the radar because it’s happening Spain, which does not have its own official Has DC Done Something Stupid Today counter, but they’re wrong, because The Outhouse is going international!

It has been 0 days! Olé!


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Comments on “DC Comics Going After A Spanish Soccer Club With A Bat In Its Logo For Some Reason”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

That didn't take long

The club have revealed they had applied for copyright for a new design of the bat that forms part of their crest, but they have since decided to discard it after DC Comics “presented its opposition to the request”.

Valencia say “there does not exist a lawsuit by DC Comics”, but the club no longer have “plans to use” the new design.


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: That didn't take long

Up until 1964, Batman’s symbol/insignia was just a black bat.
When they tried to trademark it as the tv show began preproduction, it was rejected as being to generic, so they introduced the yellow oval around it.
The bat-in-oval logo was accepeted and trademarked.
Look at the test footage for Adam West & Burt Ward and Lyle Waggoner & Peter Dyall…
…wearing non-yellow oval costumes.
Yet, when the pilot was filmed, Adam was in the costume with the bat-in-yellow-oval.

Capt ICE Enforcer says:

DC Comics

Wouldn’t it be amazing if DC had to ditch the Batman Logo for copyright infringement and Trademark violations. After all, if DC expensive lawyers felt there was a large enough issue to contact them, it is obvious that it needs to be fixed. Figure 60% of all money made by the Batman product, movies, toys, and cartoons. Plus hit them with the Statutory Charges. Should equate to 19 trillion dollars if they used Hollywood accountants.

Comic Book Artist (user link) says:

As a comic book artst...

As someone in the industry, the heavy corporate usurpation of comic book companies has left me a brokenhearted fan. With ten long boxes filled with DC and Marvel, I look back to time when I had affinity with the artist and writers. Before they were TV producers or movie consultants, when they were like me. Nothing stays the same but the phrase ‘Make Mine Marvel’ has become ‘Make the World Marvel’ with Mickey Mouse holding the whip, driving the entertainments golden chariot.

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