DailyDirt: Artisanal Foods Are Automatically Awesome

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The price of a fancy meal often involves buying a story — that the ingredients for the dishes were grown locally or picked fresh the same day or fed only grass or given free range of an outdoor plot of land. But sometimes the story behind expensive food-related items is a bit harder to justify. Would you pay more for water that was filtered a few more times than tap water? How about painstakingly sliced and heated bread? Here are just a few more artisanal items that might be a joke (or not).

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Artisanal Foods Are Automatically Awesome”

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Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

Talking Of Artisanal Ice...

…I saw an item on TV many years ago about a Japanese man who made and sold “musical ice” according to an old, and secret family recipe. As you broke up one of his blocks of ice, it would produce a musical note, which went up in pitch as the remaining piece became smaller.

Sadly, it seems there is no item on the Web about him…

Nicci Stevens (profile) says:

UV, RO, Ozone and DI Water

These are processes which are used for bottled water… some bottled water companies just use “city” water with those processes. Those processes can also be used at the final stage of a gray water operation — where sewage is filtered and purified to produce clean, drinkable water. (I have worked on operations like this and while it is chemically safe to drink its not appealing when you actually see where it started).

With NYC tap water tho, it’s already some of the best around and in a blind taste test actually fared higher than some bottled water.

When, however, water becomes too pure — no minerals or salts, where the total dissolved solids is < 5ppm, it starts to become harmful. It will leach these salts and minerals from your system and negatively impact your health. Remember from science class, boys and girls, water is the universal solvent.

Another trick a lot of bottled water companies use: adding minerals to purified water. By doing this the water is both safe and with the proper minerals tastes good. This is why, for example, Arrowhead tastes better than the store brand. It’s not that “Mountain Spring Water” which the FDA says there can be only a few drops per ounce actually in the water sold to carry that label.

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