DailyDirt: Hoverboards Are Real!

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The “magic” of magnets have been observed for quite some time, but it’s not actually an easily explained phenomenon that magnets can repel and attract in various configurations. Still, we can take advantage of this property of magnets, and create some amazing tricks of levitation that seemingly defy gravity. We could have a commercial hoverboard for kids to play with (as an actual toy) pretty soon, and we could potentially have some other even cooler devices based on “hover” technology. If only we could get a Mr. Fusion device together….

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Hoverboards Are Real!”

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David says:

NYC to Washington in an hour

You can already get from NYC to Washington in an hour by plane. All the rest is check-in and security theatre, and I see no reason why those should be different with a high-profile transport system like a maglev train.

There is the commute from the airport one might save, yes, but putting maglev tracks in central NYC is not really a convincing option either even though the actual port will eat up less area. So the commute will be necessary with maglev as well.

JoeCool (profile) says:

Real, but REALLY impractical

They yammer incessantly about how their hoverboard is real, that it actually hovers over an “inactive non-ferrous” surface. They’re like the sleight-of-hand con-artist trying to divert your attention from the REAL trick – the fact that you have to coat EVERY bit of area you wish to “hover” over with a conductive, non-ferrous, metal (the patent uses copper as an example in one place that’s never mentioned again). Yeah, I’m going to spend hundreds of thousands covering my yard in copper so the kids can hover one inch over the yard on their $10,000 board that they’ll be sick of in two days since it will ONLY work in the yard due to the needed metal coverage.

Save yourself a lot of money and a headache – buy a regular damn skate board and report these morons to whoever is supposed to keep rip-offs like this off kickstarter.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Real, but REALLY impractical

Well said. It’s nothing but an outrageously expensive toy.

Indeed, this so-called “inventor” talks more like a late-night infomercial huckster, big on imagery and fanciful dreams but scarce on actual details of what he’s selling. The promotional videos never discuss what’s actually “under the hood” and the only way donors/buyers can learn anything about how it’s constructed is to read the patent.

The Hoverboard, as presented, is something that most any handyman with a typical garage workshop could make for a tiny fraction of the $10,000 price charged. Like many of these “crowd-funded” projects, it comes off as just another sucker-bait designed to part fools from their money.

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