DailyDirt: Uncommon Un-Colas

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A vast number of soft drinks are available, and some of the most popular ones seem to have started as medicinal tonics (even the ones that aren’t called “energy drinks” nowadays). Coca-cola was once a headache medicine that contained an unhealthy amount of cocaine — that wasn’t completely removed until 1929. Here are just a few other strange sodas with some unusual natural ingredients.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Uncommon Un-Colas”

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TruthHurts says:

sigh - just use left handed sugar and be done with it

All of these other sweeteners just plain suck.

Stevia – bitter aftertaste
Artificial sweeteners – cause cancer, parkinsons, altzheimers as well as other genetic disorders.

Left handed (aka Left Chondrite) sugars are natural sugars where the molecule is spun backwards, or left-handed.

The human body can process a maximum of about 15% of left-handed sugars, some bodies more than others.
It has the same taste, the same sweetness, the same everything as sugar because it is sugar, but it passes through the human body mostly unprocessed.

Remove the preservatives, replace sugar with left-chondrite sugar, shorten the shelf-life and mass produce the “healthier” choice in sodas.

The first soda manufacturer to do this will win market share.

Now, why haven’t they done this yet? Left chondrite sugar is naturally occurring and cannot be patented, so it’s greed versus health.

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