DailyDirt: Experimenting With Alcohol

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Freakonomics had an interesting podcast discussing which is more dangerous: alcohol or marijuana? If alcohol didn’t exist and was discovered tomorrow, would it be as acceptable as it currently is? It probably would have hard time getting FDA approval, but then the same could be said of Aspirin, if it didn’t have its long history as a wonder drug. Here are a few more questions to ponder about alcohol the next time you’re not so sober, perhaps.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Experimenting With Alcohol”

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Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

Nutt is appealing to investors to fund his research to develop an alcohol substitute that has an antidote — which he claims could have a significantly positive impact on human health since it might eliminate drunk driving and other unwanted effects of intoxication.

Color me skeptical. I just wonder, how often would someone who deliberately chooses to go out and get drunk want to then take an antidote that turns them stone-cold sober? Yes, theoretically it could eliminate drunk driving if the person wanted to take it, but bear in mind that one of the best-known effects of alcohol intoxication is impaired judgment.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

At most suburban parties I attended during my youth there was coffee out for those who intended to go home at the end (country parties everyone crashed there, even if that meant sleeping in the tray of a ute or a stable or somewhere, in the city centre most attendees were able to stagger home on foot).

If people were willing to trust in such an ineffective antidote (which only has value in that it makes you marginally less likely to be noticed), an actual working antidote seems viable.

Also, if the antidote works fast enough, it might be worth taking when pulled over at a booze bust.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: This Guy Nutt Lives Up Too His Name

Nutt’s always been in favour or controlled and regulated use of drugs. The reason he was fired from his position as a governmental advisor is that he wanted to relax classifications on drugs, specifically Ecstacy, due to his life long research proving the non-detrimental effects of taking the drug safely.

FYI, taking drugs is not against the law.

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