DailyDirt: Quantum Computers Are Both Here And Not Here…

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Quantum computers are starting to become a commercial reality as multiple companies start to take advantage of the strange laws of quantum physics to solve complex mathematical problems. The hardware is difficult enough to build, but assuming the hardware actually exists, programmers now have to figure out how to write software for qubits. Here are just a few links on these new computers that aren’t quite ready to replace desktop PCs.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Quantum Computers Are Both Here And Not Here…”

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Richard (profile) says:

Re: Make encryption obsolete

Quantum Computers wouldn’t make encryption obsolete.

All they could do is to solve a certain class of “hard” problems on which some existing public key algorithms are based.

Encryption would then have to switch to a different class of hard problems or to Quantum Encryption (which itself is nearer to market than the kind of Quantum Computer that can break RSA.)

Furthermore it is not clear in what sense the D wave machine is a quantum computer – since it isn’t designed to run Shor’s Algorithm and the things it does do can be done faster by better algorithms on a classical machine.

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