DailyDirt: Transporting Your Fast Food

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Sometimes it really is the little things that matter. The coffee cup sleeve has saved countless fingers from getting too hot while holding its namesake beverage. And who can forget the packaging that kept the “hot side hot, and the cool side cool“…? Here are just a few more fast food innovations that might improve your next meal.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Transporting Your Fast Food”

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TestPilotDummy says:


Can’t Eat Bread. So, must make good tasting bread using Almonds, Coconut, etc..

That would be the trick to up everyone’s spirits.
Good tasting bread without ‘Le Wheat.’

rye, spelt — na and no.

Shy of the Non-Wheat Bread, we’ll need more Carl Jr’s Lettuce Wrapped Burger’s to _START_ to bring the collective weight of America down now..

My opinion of course your welcome to get FAT on the food pyramid. Eat your “Healthy Grains”

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