Once Again, Millions Of Rickrolls Go Silent As The Original Rickroll Is 'Blocked' On YouTube

from the disappearing-culture dept

Apparently, like clockwork, the original RickRoll video on YouTube has to disappear from the site every two years. In 2010, we wrote about the video being taken down from YouTube due to a “terms of service violation” that was never explained. In 2012, the video was once again taken down, this time due to a copyright claim from “AVG Technologies.” Both times the takedown didn’t last too long, but it did happen. Here we are two years later, and guess what? The video is currently blocked in the US and other countries for no clear reason:

I’m assuming that someone will notice the attention this is getting and flip a switch to turn it back on, but it once again highlights the unfortunately transient nature of today’s cultural milestones. This is a problem when we build a world of digital silos where third parties get to have control over what you can and cannot access. The ability to just wipe away a piece of culture that people always expect to be there is rather troubling.

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Comments on “Once Again, Millions Of Rickrolls Go Silent As The Original Rickroll Is 'Blocked' On YouTube”

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Josh in CharlotteNC (profile) says:

So, Mr. Whatever, let me quote your comment on a previous thread:

“Whenever someone says culture is getting locked up, I have to giggle. You make it sound like nobody is allowed to talk about anything or share in common experiences. How wrong you are.”

Culture was just locked up – again – by copyright. The shared common experience of rickrolling just got stomped on by copyright. You may not agree with the rickrolling concept, but it is unarguably a cultural phenomenon – and not just on the internet – Rick Astley even performed and rickrolled the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. It was just a link to a Youtube video that hardly anyone would have cared or known about if it wasn’t for the shared experience that cannot occur at this point in time.

Trevor says:

Re: Re:


It can be assumed the Pirate pee is full of rum.

Install two pool filters: Urine tests that search for different markers (Alcohol, sugars, proteins, etc.) If the pee is high in alcohol or sugar or protein, it can be assumed to be that of the Pirate, and filter it out. All other pee samples are cycled back into the pool.

Given enough time, the pool will only contain pee consistent with the non Pirate. Therefore, only the pirate’s piss was removed.


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