DailyDirt: Shhh! The Plants Are Listening!

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People usually think of plants as deaf and dumb, but plants might be a bit smarter that we think. Sure, there have been science fair projects where plants grow and respond to music. But much more elaborate research has shown various plants can “hear” certain kinds of vibrations and react measurably. Here are just a few examples of plants listening to their environment.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Shhh! The Plants Are Listening!”

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Anonymous Coward says:

So it’s plausible they respond to birdsong too. In fact if they respond to music and caterpillars etc then it seems even more reasonable that they are tuned in to birds. The red cardinals in our garden favour certain shrubs of the same type for nesting over others, maybe it’s a mutually beneficial agreement. Ergo factory farming of plants is cruel – they need light, air and sounds of the outdoor just like we and many creatures do !! This confirms my previously held belief so It Must Be True!

art guerrilla (profile) says:

exactly why i call vegetarians murderers, too...

to live is to kill, whether it is a tyson chicken stuck in a stack of 50,000 in a warehouse, or a happy farm-raised bovine, or a sheaf of wheat, or a carrot…
we kill them all so we may live… that’s life…

to say that animals are feeling creatures who should not be killed, is to ignore that plants have ‘feelings’ too…
IF a plant could communicate to us, or have big brown doe-eyes, don’t you think THEY would say: heh, don’t cut me down and masticate me, man ! ! !
so, we are left with being ‘breatharians’…
(a cult which actually exists which believes you can get all your nutrients, etc from breathing… i think they are dying out faster than they can reproduce…)

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