DailyDirt: Can Public Transportation Ever Make Everyone Happy?

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Public transportation is a tough problem — collecting taxes to build out expensive infrastructure is always going to be a touchy political battle. Inevitably, there will be some people who won’t see the benefits and others who will, disproportionately. Creating some hybrid of public and private transportation seems like the future (as well as the lesser-known past). Here are just a few links on getting around without your own personal vehicle.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Can Public Transportation Ever Make Everyone Happy?”

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Ninja (profile) says:

For urban environments speed isn’t necessarily the main issue concerning public transportation but rather network reach and congestion which are resolved with proper planning. The problem is that it’s more expensive and harder to expand the network on fully settled urban spaces nowadays.

As for long distance transportation speed and integration with local networks become important factors.

At least in my country the problem is a mix of bad planning and lack of resources (or “lack” of resources in some places). I’d guess it’s not that different around the world so most places that actually have a good network were lucky enough older generations got the job done.

limbodog (profile) says:

I find public transportation useful, but never pleasant. You sacrifice a lot of intangibles when you use it. You give up any shred of privacy. You are completely at the mercy of an oft-inscrutable schedule (at least in the USA). You are exposed to all sorts of unpleasantness (dirty stations, drunk passengers, pickpockets and thieves, etc.) What you get in return may be worth it, but it’s still not without cost.

If you could find a way to give people a bit of privacy and a lot more cleanliness, I think you’d find a lot more people willing to ride.

Cerberus (profile) says:

We have good public transportation in Holland. It just requires some money. Of course it is better in areas with a denser population, but you can still reach most remote locations in the country in a few hours by bus. Like healthcare, education, etc., it is considered a minimum requirement for the state to give to those who need it. Additionally, it is better for the environment if you get people to take the train rather than go by car. And it makes the cities less ugly if there are fewer parked cars everywhere.

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