DailyDirt: Processors Without Borders…?

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Now that everyone is a bit more concerned about software backdoors that the NSA might have installed everywhere, a nationalistic push towards “home-grown” hardware could pick up a little among various countries around the world. Designing custom processors and software from scratch isn’t easy or cheap, but it avoids some of the angles of attack for a security break-in (though it doesn’t prevent any of the social engineering tactics). Here are just a few links on processor designs that aren’t coming from Intel or AMD.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Processors Without Borders…?”

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Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

They Can?t Hide In The Algorithms

Spooks cannot subvert implementations of the encryption algorithms, because those have to give exactly the same answers as every other implementation, otherwise all the alarm bells will go off.

The one place they can hide a trapdoor is in the random-number generators. This is why we do not trust CPU-provided random-number generation instructions. That?s why, as far as sources of entropy are concerned, the more, the merrier.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Russia

And Russian companies are bad because …… ?

I suppose you think made in the US is much better, funny – most everything has been offshored hasn’t it? Even the “Made In US” stickers are made elsewhere.

The pendulum may begin its return swing soon as companies realize offshoring is not the panacea they were promised.

TestPilotDummy says:

Horshack, Ohhh Ohhhh I Know Mr Cotter

by the way before I say anything else. Welcome Back. I missed that old song, Cha Juk Juk Juk JUk Shum… Cha Juk Juk Juk Juk Juk Juk Juk Juk juk juk juk juk juk juk juk juk Cha JuK Juk JuK JuK Shalong….

into the picking parts

den doo doo deen doo doo dow doo dooo doo Deen doo dodo dow doo doo… nevermind flashback to the old days without the LSD… Welcome back Koter Carter or whever the f it spelled.

I Play that song, learned it off the F-ing TV lol..
(yes tpd plays guitars)

Okay to the meat then?

I think ya literally need to dope your own chips..

I really hate to say that, also ya need to have your own oversight of the doping of those chips..

Furthermore if your going to trust nukes and votes to it… Ya have to change the US CONSTITUTION for the UNITED STATES first

yeah I spelled that uper lower suck my hell.. nonsense, the POINT is more important that playing sovergn man games.

the problem with electricity is it is GLITCHY…

I can say your ttl chip has +3v low +5v high, but what whenits 2v or 9v? What if a Specially Crafted RF signal comes in?

how about I DOPE the chip to run other stuff?

You say no? I laugh at you.

the ONLY evidence I have is there used to be articles about red team blue team and chip manufacture / reverse engineering. this was from the Pentagon, you go look it up.

they literally needed to destructively reverse engineer the chips and still was no guarantee you could find the crap/cruft

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