DailyDirt: Is It Really That Hard To Cut A Cake?

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Life is filled with small problems. Some more important than others. Mathematicians have attempted to solve some of these conundrums, and apparently one somewhat popular task is cutting things up. Here are just a few (useful?) examples of math applied to the task of cutting a cake.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Is It Really That Hard To Cut A Cake?”

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Scote (profile) says:

The cake cutting thing is BS.

The cake cutting thing is BS. Think loaf of bread. How well would cutting it both ways down the middle keep a loaf fresh? Not at all. You are better off slicing off one end. Same goes for taking a single wedge of cake, which leaves only a *single* face open. Squishing the cake sides back is of dubious value and efficacy at best.

Rekrul says:

Cutting a cake manually is so hard! What we really need is a ‘smart’ knife that will go on the net and look up the best way to cut each cake, then monitor the depth of the cut and the pressure being exerted so that we can know we’re doing it right. It also needs to interface with the smart refrigerator so that it can look up the perfect proportion of milk to go with each slice. Also, the cake needs to be sitting on a smart plate so that it can tell how much is left and order another from the store.

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