DailyDirt: We're Still Discovering New Forms Of Water

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Water is one of the most important substances for life. Although it’s a pretty simple molecule, water has some surprising and complex characteristics. (eg. Ice floats on water.) We see water everyday, but we probably don’t think too much about its unique chemical properties (ahem, it’s not organic, but it’s technically true that it doesn’t contain fat or sugar). Here are just a few more scientific tidbits on dihydrogen monoxide.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: We're Still Discovering New Forms Of Water”

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Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

What a waste of, well, lousy beer.*

*Lousy beer defined as any beer that requires the addition of a seasoning agent, ie: citrus ((like wedge of lime or lemon or a squeeze of something in the beer(citrus is one of the four basic seasonings along with pepper (freshly ground, please), salt, and MSG) (the purpose of seasoning is to enhance the flavor in other foods, ie: ‘bring out’ the flavor and should not be tasted in or of themselves, unless purposefully so, according to classical thinking), other things spices, herbs, sauces, and everything else is some derivation of flavor enhancement or additive)) Now, beers made from fruit, or that stand on their own, yet become different with some additions are a different story.

OK, I am prejudiced, and have a preference for, in this order, Pilsners, high alcohol IPA’s, IPA’s, other Ales and derivations, Stout (must be ‘chew-able’), then lastly full bodied lagers. Which eliminates about 90% of all American brews (by a guesetimate of volume sold, not number of breweries (big fan of craft beer, small brewery or other peoples brewing)) which leaves out each and every one of the ‘top selling’ beers in the US (sorry, last checked that fact about 20 years ago).

ethorad (profile) says:

TIL water is not organic

it’s not organic

While fact checking this, today I learned that the split in the periodic table isn’t into metal/organic, it is into metal/non-metal.

I always thought organic compounds were those including the top right corner elements (which would include water) but in fact organic compounds are those that include carbon (so water is in fact not organic)

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