Ed Snowden Helps A Reporter Having A Seizure While Interviewing Him Remotely

from the wait,-what? dept

Here’s a bizarre story. A German reporter, Julia Prosinger, spent a week in the NYC offices of the ACLU with Ben Wizner, one of the key lawyers working with Ed Snowden. There, she reports about the Robot Snowden that is set up in the ACLU offices, allowing Snowden to “hang out” with ACLU folks any time he wants (assuming people are around). You may have seen the robot Snowden on stage at TED, but apparently Snowden is still using a version of that thing that’s just kept at the ACLU’s offices, allowing him to zoom around and talk to folks. They’re even talking about having more Snowdenbots around the globe so he can pop in virtually wherever he wants.

But, that’s not the craziest part of the story.

It’s that during the interview with Prosinger, she happens to have a seizure, and Snowden apparently both talks Wizner through what to do and calms Prosinger as she comes to.

Suddenly, during the attempt to explain German, I faint. I wake up, my head lies bedded on a sand bag, my body is in the recovery position. A calm voice is coming from the screen. “The first fits are always the worst,” Snowden says. I am lucky: Snowden is not only a patriot or traitor, he is also an epileptic. He instantly recognised what was happening to me. He tells me that he was only diagnosed when he was 23 years old. When he fled the US a little more than a year ago, he told his employer that he had to go away for a few weeks for treatment for his epilepsy. Then Snowden apologises for making me look at the flickering screen, it had triggered the fit, he says.

Ben Wizner brings a glass of juice. He is moved. He has been travelling for a year, because Snowden is stuck in Russia. He speaks where Snowden doesn’t have a voice. For a year now he has literally been Snowden’s right-hand man.

He just followed Snowden’s advice via Skype and stopped me from falling against the metal filing cabinets in his office. “That’s Ed how I know him. The empathy, the clear voice, the care,” says Wizner.

Of course, now we wonder how Mike Rogers will spin this into more evidence of Snowden being a Russian spy…

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Comments on “Ed Snowden Helps A Reporter Having A Seizure While Interviewing Him Remotely”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

You mean Rogers will spin it that way, right? From everything we’ve seen from Snowden, he wouldn’t have even brought it up and had the reporter not told her story, we would have probably never heard about it. Now compare that to Rogers who goes on the network news practically every Sunday to bash Snowden and make unsubstantiated allegations against him. Now, which one looks like the narcissistic asshole to you?

Baron von Robber says:

Re: was a good story

There is no such thing as a cheap shot in regards to Rogers.

Remember, this is the asshat that literally said that if you don’t know your privacy is being invaded, then it’s not really being invaded!!!

How anybody can be so stupid and yet still breath is incomprehensible.

FM Hilton (profile) says:

Wait until Rogers hears this!

Oh, the hell with the heroic act that Snowden did; that he has the ability to talk to anyone anywhere in the world via a ‘robot’ will make everyone in the NSA crazy.

“He’s everywhere! Where in the world is Snowden? When will he strike again?”

Looks like the trailer of a conspiracy movie, doesn’t it? But seriously, the more I read about him, the more I see the upright moral and decent man who just happens to be the most wanted man by the US Government.

They’re going after the good guys now. Sad.

Anonymous Coward says:

Of course, now we wonder how Mike Rogers will spin this into more evidence of Snowden being a Russian spy…

Only dirty commies have things like “empathy” and “caring”. A TRUE patriot would’ve swiped all the money from her purse and dumped her dying body in a nearby alley. That’s the American Way. #eagles #MikeRogersFacts #evenmoreeagles

Lanet says:

Read!! "The Matrix Deciphered" to see how to induce fainting..

Hi. I don’t doubt that the event happened. I believe that it was scripted. In fact, Snowd’Em is scripted.

His voice…is it truly his voice out of the robot, or is it electronically modified?

Read Dr. Robert Duncan’s books.

Or, just go back to watching your Hollyood-DoD movies. Life is more pleasant via Hollywood.

Lanet says:

Snowden is a CIA info spigot

Anything to distract from the real RADAR, microwave, terahertz… -based weapons in use! Yeah, flickering… right! While it is true that flickering might cause brain entrainment, so can shooting someone with US military “secret” weapons that have been refined since the Second World War, used by Russians, and perfected by experimentation on US citizens since the 60s.

So, this story is a way to distract people from that story, the weapons story. They are using their “Snowden” as vehicle to distract.

Gosh, makes you just want to cry for him. Now he has a medical problem…a real tear jerker. So “vulnerable” as a disabled person… and still so very useful… at present as the CIA’s info-spigot …until he is exposed.

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