DailyDirt: Growing Brains

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There’s little point waxing philosophical about the human brain — it’s a near-miraculous mystery, and we all know it. Every study, at best, makes mere baby steps towards a fuller understanding of what’s going on inside our skulls — and these three, focusing on how the brain develops and changes over time, are no different… and no less fascinating:

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Growing Brains”

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Sheogorath (profile) says:

The facts

Most people don’t form conscious memories as babies ? but it seems they do form subconscious memories of faces.
FTFY, Leigh. You see, I can remember a fair few things from before I was five, even a couple of events from when I was nine months old. Homo sapiens autistica has different disadvantages than Homo sapiens sapiens, and a lot of ours are created by a society that tries to mould us in its image.

Sheogorath (profile) says:

Re: Re: The facts

My mum couldn’t have told me about me lying in my Silver Cross pram, batting at the blue and yellow duck rattles strung across the hood of it, because she was cooking in the kitchen while I was in the back garden, the pram facing away from the house. As I have stated, I can remember back to when I was around nine-months-old; not because of synthetic memories, but because I’m Autistic.

Coyne Tibbets (profile) says:

Conscious memories

I think conscious memories require conscious attempt to organize the memory.

My earliest memory is placed by my mother, as best we can, at about 12-14 months. It is a memory of the sound of crickets at night, and I remember it (I think) because I also remember quite clearly imagining that the sound was caused by the turning of wheels; such as the wheels on my pull toy. (The toy made a chirping sound, you see.)

Udom (profile) says:


All memories are reconstructions, so the accuracy of any memory other than immediate is impossible to verify. What you see at any time is a construction, as your brain knits info from saccades together with the vague impressions the blurry areas outside saccade targets present. Memories are tagged with values, and those that are tagged as unimportant are deleted. When you’re young everything is fascinating and important. As you get older less and less seems worthy of attention.

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