DailyDirt: Advertising Is Content, And It's Often Better When It's Amusing

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Advertising is a difficult business. Companies want to make people aware of their products, but not everyone wants to be bombarded by various offers for products that they might not want or need. For consumer goods, it’s sometimes possible to avoid being annoying by making ads that are amusing — so the audience at least gets a laugh or some entertainment value out of the experience. Here are just a few examples of promotional campaigns that might be somewhat humorous.

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Companies: burger king, craigslist, nissan, skymall

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Advertising Is Content, And It's Often Better When It's Amusing”

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Andypandy says:


All well and good and I applaud advertisers for trying to not just send repetitive advertising but they are using up a lot of my data cap every month and i pay for that data so when are they going to start paying me for taking part of my data allowance from my cap.
I seriously do not mind advertising, but believe wholeheartedly that having a cap on my connection means i deserve compensation for the advertising i have not specifically requested.
How about $1 for each advert I download that I have not given explicit permission to use my data allowance.

art guerrilla (profile) says:

ESPN does it right...

their commercials are consistently funny without being forced… a bunch of them you have to be *something* of a sports fan to get the joke, but, heh, its ESPN, not the hallmark channel…
if ALL commercials were along the lines of ESPN, i wouldn’t have much of a problem with them… but when 99% of them are simply MADE TO BE ANNOYING (so their name ‘sticks’), then all the mad men and wymen who make that crap can stuff it up their cloaca…
besides, i am pissed that -apparently- MOST of my car insurance premium is spent on blanketing the total mediascape with obnoxious idiocy that they show a million times in a row… that’s entertainment ! ! !

Madman says:

I really don’t understand the desire of consumers to see entertaining ads. The more entertaining an ad is, the more effective it is at manipulating you.

On a related note, I don’t understand the desire of consumers to see targeted ads. If I have to experience an ad, I’d rather experience ones for products that are of no use to me, like tampons or adult diapers, so that I won’t be manipulated into buying.

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