DailyDirt: Endangered Or Extinct Meals

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Getting a craving for a McRib when it’s just not available from the golden arches is definitely a first-world problem. There was also that brief period of time when Hostess Brands’ Twinkies weren’t for sale. Fortunately, these junk food shortages are relatively short-lived events, and if anyone really, really wanted to re-create a homemade version of these products, it wouldn’t be impossible. However, some foods are actually gone forever (or are on their way to extinction). Here are just a few foods that probably haven’t been on your dinner plate.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Endangered Or Extinct Meals”

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ECA (profile) says:

well, duh

And just about every other creature on this planet, in the LAST 500 years…Advent of Gun powder and the Mechanical age has decimated MANY animals…
Then ADd to is the Advent of MODERNIZED FARMING, in the last 100…WE kill off insects and Animals alike.
Between Modern SHIPS, fishing them to death, OVEr populations in the countries that RELY on fishing..

It used to take 6-12 months at sea on a Wooden BOAT to get a full ship of Whales..AND STILL that wasnt LOTS, but Even Then they saw a decline. Whales are not RATS, 1 and maybe 2 Calves per year..
And the Sailing fleets dont give a DARN what they catch..IF its edible, they will EAT IT..
Do I have to say anything about POLLUTION.. And SHIPS losing oil and DUMPING ballast, in he waters?
The Gov. has a list of locations and someone did a CHART showing the MAJOR points in the USA polluted over the years..Im talking about the 1850’s ON..and the EAST coast is saturated.. Cleanup sites that will NEVEr be clean.

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