Awesome Stuff: Functional Fashion

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Style and fashion constantly change in capricious, unpredictable and decidedly non-linear ways — but the underlying function of clothing and accessories follows the same path as any other technology: innovation, refinement and improvement. This week’s Awesome Stuff takes a look at some practical innovations from the world of wearables.

The ZipSeam

A day comes in most men’s lives, usually sometime late in or just after college, when we (a) realize that dress shirts have become the bulk of our wardrobe and (b) look closer and realize that absolutely none of them fit us particularly well. If we’re lucky we may have found a few brands with off-the-rack sizes that fit as though tailored, but that’s a rare thing indeed. Certain shirt alterations are “easy”, but it’s all relative (in this case relative to just putting on an ill-fitting shirt, so in other words: hard). But what if trimming baggy sleeves and waists was as simple as snapping an extra piece into place? That’s what the ZipSeam aims to make possible:

Innie Shoelace Locks

Shoelaces are among those funny things that have been the same seemingly forever, and yet really feel as though they should have somehow been improved or replaced. The in-many-ways superior option of velcro has been arbitrarily stigmatized; zippers, having all but completely eliminated laces in the realm of shirts and pants, remain a distant second in the shoe game. For whatever reason, people just really like laces on their shoes, while simultaneously realizing that they are often a huge pain. Maybe the solution is the Innie, which does away with bows and excess length while preserving the timeless look of laces:

Vinco Wallets

The constant flood of “revolutionary” new wallets on Kickstarter still shows no sign of slowing down, and these days it’s rarer and rarer to see an idea that actually stands out in any meaningful way. But the Vinco wallet is something a little different: instructions and supplies for making your own lifetime supply of temporary paper wallets.

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