DailyDirt: Mystery Men With No Memories

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Every so often, there are intriguing stories of a man who speaks multiple languages, waking up with complete memory loss, and carrying no paperwork or identification on them. Sometimes these men are well-dressed when they’re found. Sometimes they’ve been mugged or beaten, but not always. Doctors can’t tell if these men are faking amnesia. Police can’t figure out identities from fingerprints if they have no criminal records. Here are just a few examples of these mysterious men called John Doe.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Mystery Men With No Memories”

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Harry Fudd (profile) says:

I know exactly what happened to this guy....it's scary

He was found in what sounds like a park (Discovery Park) with some ties to the military it sounds like.
Please listen to this you tube video about how this is going on all around us and not being reported. Scary.
He’s one of the lucky ones to be found alive. Most victims(the few that are found) are dis-oriented and don’t know how they got to where they were finally found


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