CIA Put In Charge Of Declassifying Senate's Report That Condemns The CIA's Torture Program

from the wonder-how-that-will-turn-out dept

In our post about the Senate Intelligence Committee agreeing to declassify the executive summary and major findings of the $40 million, 6,300 page “devastating” report on how the CIA tortured people for no good reason and then lied about it, we noted that there was still a battle over who would handle the declassification process. Senator Mark Udall directly noted that the White House had a choice. It could handle the declassification efforts itself, give it to the director of national intelligence… or give it over to the CIA itself. Guess which choice the White House has gone with? Yup, you guessed it: The CIA itself gets to choose which parts of the report remain secret. Considering the CIA has spent many months attacking the report, declaring that it was misleading and full of errors, it seems rather ridiculous that the Agency itself is in charge of determining what can and can’t be released from the report.

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Comments on “CIA Put In Charge Of Declassifying Senate's Report That Condemns The CIA's Torture Program”

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Internet Zen Master (profile) says:

Re: Money Saving Opportunity Here

Beat me to it.

Obviously the CIA doesn’t want any of this to see the light of day, so I doubt we’ll even get the official title of the actual report.

Or someone in the CIA will just open MS Paint, doodle a hand flipping off the viewer, paste that doodle in MS word and stretch it out until it fills the whole page. Then they’ll black that out copy it 6,300 times.

Pragmatic says:

Re: Declassifying the CIA Report

Would Mitt Romney have done any better? Note that there has been no Republican outcry over this.

Stop defending the establishment and help us pull it down! You can start by refusing to play partisan games to encourage the divisions they’ve built to keep us too busy fighting each other to fight them.

Now go and encourage everyone you know to take an interest in third parties and prepare to vote for them in the next election. If enough people do so, things will change.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Disgusting, but expected

After all, it wasn’t so long ago that the DoJ was put in charge of investigating… the DoJ, who, to the surprise of no one, came back with a ‘nothing wrong here, no need to press charges’ verdict.

Neither the WH or the CIA want that document to see the light of day, so of course they handed it to the CIA to ‘declassify’, at this point it’s time for one of those politicians that had the guts to call torture torture to do what Christopher Best suggested, and read the entire thing into the public record, redacting nothing.

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