Russia Using Internet Censorship Laws To Block Websites Of Opposition Candidate, Independent Media

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A few years ago, we noted that Russia was pushing new internet censorship laws, officially to “protect the children.” Of course, everyone knew that was a bogus reason, and the laws were used to silence reporters who were critical of the government as well as a bunch of blogs. It appears that the political censorship is ratcheting up even more with reports that the the blog of opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been blocked, along with a number of independent news sites.

That alone began getting some attention, and it appears that the Russian government followed it up by trying to play whac-a-mole with a variety of news sites, even taking down access to a radio station’s website because it had posted a mirror of Navalny’s blog.

The reason given for blocking the other media websites was that the “websites contain calls to illegal activity and participation in mass events that are conducted contrary to the established order.” As for the blocking of Navalny’s blog, which is updated by his wife, the government is claiming that since Navalny is under house arrest with orders not to communicate publicly, this blog violates that order, and therefore it’s appropriate to censor it.

These excuses ring rather hollow for obvious reasons. And so far it certainly seems like this latest attempt at widespread censorship is, of course, calling a lot more attention to both the censorship attempt as well as what it was they’re so eager to hide. In fact, Russians appear to be quickly routing around the censorship, because that’s what you have to do in a country that regularly tries to censor what you can read.

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Comments on “Russia Using Internet Censorship Laws To Block Websites Of Opposition Candidate, Independent Media”

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Anonymous Coward says:

and this was unexpected? you know which country, across the pond, that is going to be broadening it’s censorship? think about it! the one with the ‘special relationship’, that has taken over from the USA on behalf of Hollywood and the entertainment industries. it’s even blocking on-line storage sites now! wont be long before it’s worse than China, but still trying to bill itself as ‘Democratic’, a pillar of privacy and freedom’! load of liars!!

Ninja (profile) says:

These things are not proper for children accessing the intertubes. In fact, they need to take down more content. You know, political discussions are too much for their tiny brains. What about those western movies that contain all sorts of harmful propaganda and violence? Block them all!

The problem of thinking of the children is that if you don’t exclude them you’ll simply cripple anything. Or, you know, you can treat them as fully functioning humans and opt for education an parental care instead. But that doesn’t help the censorship-happy Govt, does it?

vastrightwing (profile) says:

Waiting for the pot to call the kettle black

I’m sure Russia has something equivalent to the DMCA, so anyone trying to get around the act of censoring will be breaking the law. After all, if it’s good enough for us, it should be for everyone. No attempting to communicate when the government doesn’t like what you’re trying to say.

Lying is today’s new normal. It’s for your own good, for the children. Now the issue is we’ve been crying wolf so long now, how will we know when it really is for the sake of the children? We won’t.

If the US condemns this in any way, Putin simply has to mention NSA, or ICE, and that will be the end. Our own credibility is torn to shreds. We have no moral high ground.

zip says:

At least Russia is a DMCA-free zone, and censorship due to copyright claims – whether real, imagined, or outright lies – is virtually nonexistent. Like it or not, sending false copyright claims is a major form of ‘backdoor’ censorship here in the US.

Because Russian site does not automatically remove videos on every bogus copyright claim as YouTube does, it is much less censored than American sites such as YouTube.

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